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SFB 627: Nexus

Lecture Series: Where? What? Whereto? - Positioning with GPS/GLONASS and GALILEO (SS '07)

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Lecture Series

Where? What? Whereto? - Positioning with GPS/GLONASS and GALILEO
Period:      Tuesdays, 2007-05-15 to 2007-07-10
  upon announcement
Time: 17:00 o'clock to 18:30 o'clock
Location: Pfaffenwaldring 47, Lecture Hall V 47.04
Location: Pfaffenwaldring 47, Lecture Hall V 47.05 (26.06.)

Global satellite navigation systems like the American NAVSTAR GPS have been an indispensable part of daily life for years. Extensions and new developments like the Russian GLONASS and the European GALILEO will robustify the availability and offer new services. Inertial navigation systems complement the coupled navigation. Indoors navigation based on virtual GPS, WLAN, RFID, etc. supplement outdoors systems and support the navigation for the remaining walking distance into a building.

Applications, as for example mobile 3D mapping and PDA supported tourist systems like "Heidelberg mobil", will be introduced and discussed.

Current Dates, Topics, and Speakers

Date Topic Speaker
15.05.2007 GNSS - Eine Einführung
Prof. Dr. Alfred Kleusberg
Universität Stuttgart
22.05.2007 Galileo aus Sicht der Wissenschaft
Prof. Dr. Bernd Eisfeller
Universität der Bundeswehr München
05.06.2007 Galileo aus Sicht von Industrie und Wirtschaft
Abstract, Presentation
Dr. Helmut Blomenhofer
Thales AG
12.06.2007 Inertiale Navigationssysteme - Eine Einführung
Abstract, Presentation
Prof. Dr. Jörg Wagner
Universität Stuttgart
19.06.2007 Mobile Mapping - 3D Datenerfassung kommt in Fahrt
Abstract, Presentation
Dr. Jens Kremer
IGI, Kreuztal
26.06.2007 Indoor Positionierung mit GPS und alternativen Verfahren
Abstract, Presentation
PD Dr. Torben Schüler
Universität der Bundeswehr München
03.07.2007 GPS/GLONASS und GALILEO aus Sicht eines geodätischen Geräteherstellers
Abstract, Presentation
Christian Hilker
Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg
10.07.2007 Vom Forschungsprojekt Deep Map zu "Heidelberg Mobil" - Erfahrungen und Erwartungen
Abstract, Presentation
Matthias Jöst
EML, Heidelberg

The Lecture Series Poster in pdf format is also available.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Fritsch
Institut für Photogrammetrie