SFB 627: Nexus
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SFB 627: Nexus

Research Groups

Deutsche Version
- Institute of Architecture of Application Systems (IAAS)    
- Institute of Formal Methods in Computer Science (FMI)    
 - Software Reliability and Security Group (SZS)
- Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF)    
- Institute of Communication Networks and Computer Engineering (IKR)    
- Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS)    
 - Theoretical Computational Linguistics
- Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPVS)    
 - Applications of Parallel and Distributed Systems Research Group (AS)
 - Image Understanding Research Group (BV)  
 - Infrastructure Group (IFS)  
 - Distributed Systems Research Group (VS)  
- Institute of Philosophy (IP)    
 - Philosophy of Science and Technology Research Group (WTTP)
- Institute for Photogrammetry (IFP)    
- Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS)    
- Lehrstuhl für Unternehmens- und Technologieplanung, Universität Duisburg