SFB 627: Nexus
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SFB 627: Nexus


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This Center of Excellence was established based on the work of the Nexus Research Group which was founded by the Institute for Photogrammetry (Prof. Fritsch), the Institute for Communication Networks and Computer Engineering and the Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems in 2000.

In three years of successful research, it turned out that it was necessary to extend the project to other areas in order to have adequate resources for this seminal research area of international relevance. Consequently, the necessary group size for conducting this kind of research has lead to the founding of an interdisciplinary Center of Excellence in 2003.

In the preparatory work of the Nexus Research Group, a prototype of the "Nexus" platform was developed as demo version by all institutes involved. In addition, a high number of articles have been published in international periodicals and conference proceedings. The practical relevance of the achieved results was presented to the public at trade fairs like the CeBIT and in short articles in popular magazines (Bild der Wissenschaft, Focus etc.).

The subprojects have worked closely together during the first funding period of the Collaborative Research Centre. Furthermore, an Independent Junior Research Group working on the topic of "Development of context-based Applications" has been attracted. The results are numerous cross-publications, a high presence on international conferences and a successful inspection in the year 2006. Also new partners from the field of computer linguistic, application architecture and formal concepts could be recruited for the second funding period (since 2007).