SFB 627: Nexus
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SFB 627: Nexus


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Flyer of the Center of Excellence

Flyer download pdf (892 KB)
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Annual Reports of the Center of Excellence

Annual Report 2004 download pdf (2584 KB)
Annual Report 2003 download pdf (258 KB)
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Project and Nexus-Demonstrator Posters in the Course of the Center of Compentence Survey (German)

A1 - Kommunikationsplattform / Architektur und Leistungsbewertung download pdf (291 KB)
A2 - Modellbasierte Kommunikation download pdf (286 KB)
A3 - Datenschutz und Datensicherheit download pdf (176 KB)
A4 - Modellierung und Simulation von Mobilität download pdf (749 KB)
B1 - Modellierung und Verwaltung des Umgebungsmodells, Anwendungsunderstützung und Semantische Föderation download pdf (593 KB)
B2 - Heterogene Geodaten download pdf (223 KB)
B3 - Lokationsmanagement und Informationsdiffusion download pdf (265 KB)
C1 - Sensorik und Bildverarbeitung download pdf (202 KB)
C3 - Interpretation multisensorieller Daten download pdf (267 KB)
C4 - Generalisierung räumlicher Daten download pdf (257 KB)
C5 - AR-Anwendungen download pdf (1205 KB)
D1 - Smart Factory download pdf (196 KB)
D2 - Orientierungshilfen für Blinde download pdf (282 KB)
D3 - Bewertung und Reflexion download pdf (291 KB)
Z - Nexus-Testbed und Geschäftsführung download pdf (921 KB)
Die Nexus-Story und der Nexus-Demonstrator download pdf (458 KB)
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Posters und Infosheets in the Course of the Workshop on Context-Aware Systems

Poster: Nexus Scout - An Advanced Location-Based Application download pdf (603 KB)
Poster: ISIS - A City Guide Based on the Nexus Platform download pdf (378 KB)
Infosheets: ISIS - A City Guide Based on the Nexus Platform download pdf (704 KB)
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XML Schema Definitions of the Nexus Platform

Nexus Standard Attribute Types (NSAT)
Defines basic types for the Nexus Augmented World.
download xsd (3 KB)
Nexus Standard Attribute Schema (NSAS)
Defines the Nexus attributes that are put together to form Nexus objects as defined in the Nexus Standard Class Schema (NSCS).
download xsd (20 KB)
Nexus Standard Class Schema (NSCS)
Defines all Nexus object types, their inheritance relations, and which attributes belong to which object types.
download xsd (24 KB)
Augmented World Modeling Language (AWML)
Represents information about the Augmented World (AW). An AWML document consists of a sequence of data objects of the AW.
download xsd (2 KB)
Augmented World Query Language (AWQL)
Query language used for context servers, the Nexus Federation and for the selection of objects affected by updates or deletions.
download xsd (8 KB)
Change Report Language (CRL)
A CRL document contains information about successful and failed changes at the same time.
download xsd (2 KB)
Map Predicate Language (MapPL)
Defines the format attributes of a desired map to be generated by the Federation after being queried.
download xsd (6 KB)
Navigation Parameter Language (NPL)
Query language for the Navigation Service.
download xsd (6 KB)
Navigation Result Language (NRL)
The result of a query formulated in NPL is returned as a Navigation Result Language document.
download xsd (1 KB)
Event Registration Language (ERL)
Used to formulate the registration messages for events.
download xsd (7 KB)
Event Notification Language (ENL)
Applied to describe specific occurrences of events.
download xsd (3 KB)
Nexus Rallye Attribute Schema
A special XML schema definition from the student work Nexus Rallye.
download xsd (3 KB)
Nexus Rallye Extended Class Schema
An example of an Extended Class Schema from the student work Nexus Rallye.
download xsd (6 KB)
All schema definitions
download zip (15 KB)
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